Marwell LLc
2322 Bishop Rd.
Jeffersonville , In  47130


Read the explanations of pictures. The customer names can be furnished upon request. 

The 1st picture is the finished product of a dining room & kitchen separated by a wall. The kitchen door was originally on the side. The door was moved to the back and the outside covered so you could never tell a door was there originally.  

The 2nd picture is of a heavy duty deck. We use the heavier 4x4 posts. We built a roof and even made the design in front. Now it looks like Joe's Crab Shack. The deck extends the whole length of the house.

The 4th picture is of a entertainment center we built on site. The customer wanted it made into their wall. 

The 5th picture is of a finished basement. The floor had to be lowered about a foot for more head room. The concrete floor has 4 colors mixed in it. It has the look of a marble type floor. The counter top was custom made by us.

The 6th picture is of a kitchen where the appliances were moved to a different sides. The kitchen was remodeled and the counter top and back splash built. 

The 7th 8th pictures is of a remodeled bathroom. The seat was custom made to match the rest of the tile and for comfort. The walls use different size tile for the design. 

The 9th picture is a close up of a custom laminate counter top. 

The 10th picture is of a custom built bookshelf. 

The 11th picture is of a floor. The floor had to be leveled and redone. 
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